A Board's likely biggest decision

Principal succession is an exciting and challenging time for Boards of Trustees. It can also be a time of potential anxiety for students, staff and the wider community.

The successful recruitment and appointment of your new principal needs careful planning and effective processes. We aim to attract wide interest in the position, and a pool of quality of applicants  so that the Board can short-list a strong group of suitable candidates to interview.

At KP Educational Consultants we undertake deliberate recruitment to ensure that the market of potential applicants is well targeted and tapped. We encourage Boards to use our online school community survey so that they gather student, staff, parent and community voice as part of their process.

We provide Boards with all the draft documentation required in both the recruitment and appointment phases of the process and our work and documenation is NZSTA approved.

We are here to advise and guide so you are spoilt for choice when your Board is faced with the crucial task of finding and appointing your new principal, leader and CEO.