Senior Leadership Team review and restructure

In 2016 we were contracted to undertake a review of the senior leadership team structure in a secondary school. The current SLT structure had been in place for a number of years and the Board wanted an independent review to ensure that they had a management structure in place that best served the school in current times and to ensure that public resources were used prudently to improve student achievement and wellbeing.

This involved developing a Terms of Reference for the review with the principal and Board so that all parties potentially affected were completely aware of the process that was being undertaken and the reasons for the review. Open communication and transperancy of process whilst maintaining confidentiality is crucial.

All staff involved in the senior leadership team were interviewed along with other key personnel who had line management relationships with the SLT members. At the end of the review process, recommendations and options for the consideration of the Board were presented. The review resulted in areas of strength identified and also a number of very positive changes for the school and the individuals concerned.

In 2016 we also undertook independent reviews of a school's Support, Admin & Finance Staff, a secondary school's specific Subject/Curriculum area and of several primary school's overall development of their localised Curriclum.

If you would like to have a confidential chat about any aspects of potential review in your school, please give us a call. Kevin 0274-705-100 or Maria 0275-435-942.